Johannes Ripken is co-founder of a record label family.

As he is an artist himself and has gained experience of the work in a record label, Johannes knows what is important for signed artists and for the success of record labels.

Together with Marlon Jürs aka Accuface, he launched and runs following labels:

Sonic Art Music:

Label for EDM, Progressive House and Electro House.

Artists: Iveta Mukuchyan, Uplink, Dave Emanuel, Andy Prinz...

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Metrophonic Resistance

Label for High Energy Trance, Hardtrance, and Hardstyle.

Artists: Gainworx, Hardface, Cosmic Squad, Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone, Skyrosphere, 44 Desert Eagle, Cryoniqs, Concept Art, Dizmaster

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Pure Energy Records

Label for Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance.

Artists: Kirsty Hawkshaw, Jan Johnston, Trance Arts, Nektarios, JohMar, Martin Tyler, Tommy Reid, Squarz Kamel

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Sonic Flash

Label for Dance and HandsUp.

Artists: Quickdrop, ThomTree, Casaris, Massive Base

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