With having achieved a Ph.D. and B.A. in Music Business and many years experience in practice, Johannes Ripken provides best requirements to educate young people for a career in the music business.

Next to his core competencies of artist development and music management, he additionally gathers know how in brand management, project management and marketing.

He is involved as lecturer and coach in the following universities and institutions: 

Popakademie Baden-Württemberg (Mannheim)
Topic: Organic Artist Development
Homepage: http://www.popakademie.de

Akademie Deutsche Pop (Bremen)
Topic: Project management, Executive Producer (music management)
Homepage: http://www.deutsche-pop.de

Macromedia Fachhochschule (Berlin)
Topic: Music distribution und Music publishing
Homepage: http://www.macromedia-fachhochschule.de

InSoCo Integration Song Contest Schleswig-Holstein
Jury speaker 
Homepage: http://www.insoco-sh.de